WGSV Station History

Here are some photographs from WGSV's history.  Click each thumbnail to see the full size picture, then use your web browser's Back button to return to this page.

  sta_hist_01.jpg (42567 bytes)

Richard Godfrey in the WGSV Control Room, 1954

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Ray McClendon On-The-Air, 1953

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Charlie Skinner at the mic, 1954

sta_hist_04.jpg (28543 bytes)

Original WGSV Radio Station Building

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WGSV's first day of broadcasting April 16, 1950

sta_hist_06.jpg (103483 bytes)

The late Harvey Brom during "Kiwanis Radio Day" on WGSV (early 60's)

sta_hist_07.jpg (88662 bytes)

WGSV "Mobile News Unit" (1960's)

sta_hist_08.jpg (61177 bytes)

WGSV's Traffic Director (1950's)

sta_hist_09.jpg (57729 bytes)

WGSV Remote Broadcast, Bruce Underwood (left) and Lavell Jackson (right)

sta_hist_10.jpg (72872 bytes)

WGSV's first Station Manager, Neil Lovett

WGSV Newspaper Ad from 1967